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Creating a home that feels so comfortable you never want to leave is all about layering and the subtle details that help bring the aesthetics of a room together. There are some things in the home that can make a dramatic, unexpected impact and still keep their functionality, such as the cabinet hardware. 

Installing cabinet hardware can feel intimidating because you want it done right. So, where do you begin? Facets of Lafayette is a good place to start. We are the hardware store in Lafayette, LA, that can supply you with the right information on cabinet hardware placement as well as the perfect hardware for your space.

Placement Tips for Cabinet Hardware

Upper cabinet doors

Install the knobs and pulls on the lower corner opposite the hinges. The knobs or pulls should be placed on the frame, or stile, of the door between two to three inches from the bottom of the door. If the cabinet door is not framed, the same rule applies. 

Lower cabinet doors

Install the hardware on the upper corner opposite the hinges and position it on the frame, or stile, between two to three inches from the top of the door.  If the door is a solid piece with no frame, the same rule applies.


For a drawer that is less than 24 inches, you should only place one knob or pull in the center of the drawer. If the drawer is longer than 24 inches, you should then install two knobs or pulls to balance. You can divide the drawer horizontally into thirds to find the correct placement for two knobs.   

From shape and finish to size and style, there are countless things to consider when installing cabinet hardware. Even if you plan out your perfect kitchen or bathroom and what it will look like, there still will be some unexpected decisions you have not thought about. 

Cabinet hardware placement is important to the style of a room. It provides the perfect finishing touch to any space. They are both functional and decorative and it is usually the last item to be put in place in a new home or when renovating. 

Steps to Installing Cabinet Hardware

  • Placement. The standard measurements (2.5-3 inches from the corner of the cabinet door) will suit most kitchens.  Hang the doors before attaching the hardware, and use putty to attach your knobs or pulls in the desired position. This will help you decide if the placement is in the best position.
  • Pre-drilling. If you already have pre-drilled holes or existing hardware, the easiest choice is to replace the existing hardware with an option that has the same style. If not, you can redrill or fill any existing holes to suit new hardware. For drilling your own holes, use a tape measure and a jig template to mark with a pencil the placement of the knob or pull. A good rule of thumb is to start with the smallest drill bit to help prevent any splintering on the backside and place a strip of masking tape over the mark for extra protection before drilling. 
  • Installation. Now it is time to install your hardware. Place the hardware in front of the hole and secure the hardware from the inside of the cabinet using a screwdriver. Repeat for any remaining cabinetry left to install.

The world of cabinet hardware can be complicated. Hardware maybe a smaller piece of the overall design in a space, but every little detail counts. There is an unlimited number of pulls and knobs, but the choice is largely preference. 

You need to like the way it looks in the kitchen or bathroom because the knobs and pulls you choose will instantly alter the look of the cabinets and the space. In many ways, your cabinet hardware takes center stage in the room.

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Facets of Lafayette is the ultimate hardware store to shop for cabinet hardware in Lafayette, LA. We are also the largest wholesale distributor of plumbing fixtures, appliances, lighting, and outdoor appliances in Louisiana. 

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