7 Unexpectedly Dirty Areas in Your Bathroom

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The bathroom is where you answer nature’s call. Naturally, it’s not going to be the most sanitary spot in the home. Nevertheless, there are areas you may not expect that contain hidden germs and grime. Below, we highlight the top seven dirty areas in the bathroom that surprisingly serve as breeding grounds for dirt and mildew buildup.

Sink Basin

Homeowners tend not to suspect the bathroom sink to be a dirty spot. After all, this is where you sanitize your hands after a bathroom break. However, when you wash your hands, the dirty water goes into the basin.

The same goes when brushing your teeth. The toothpaste foam containing your mouth saliva and bacteria also make their way into the basin. The border of the drain is where the bulk of bacteria accumulates.

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Few people have qualms about touching the faucet handles. However, you almost always touch the faucet handles with unwashed hands. You touch the handles again to turn off the water.

This means your recently-washed hands make physical contact with the germ-infested handles, and you possibly re-infect your palms and digits. This could also occur if you quickly use the bathroom just to wash your hands.

Shower Curtains

The shower curtains get wet after every shower stint. Since the water lingers, the fabric becomes susceptible to mold and mildew growth. Most homeowners only touch the sides of the curtains, but if you touch the center, you may notice a slimy texture. This is likely mildew. If replacing the curtains, a good investment are curtains made from mold- and mildew-resistant fabric.

Bathroom Floor Surrounding the Toilet

It’s no secret that men sometimes have poor aim when urinating, causing some droplets to land on the floor bordering the toilet. This is especially likely to occur if there are young boys in the home.

Give extra attention to this spot when mopping the floor. Sanitize using a mold and mildew removal spray. Be sure to especially scrub the areas between the tiles.


Over time, shower heads collect germs in the openings where the water pours out. The accumulated biofilm can lead to mold growth. The water that exits makes contact with the bacteria before coming into contact with your exposed skin.

In addition to being unsanitary, the mold/mildew buildup can also inhibit water flow. Regularly clean the showerhead using a hard-bristled brush specifically formulated for reaching the showerhead holes.

Towel Bar

The bars where you hang your towels are surprisingly filthy. You use the towel to dry your body, then hang the wet towel on the bar. The moist towel collects germs, which then transfers to the bar.

The bar could also reinfect towels that you clean and rehang. Another reason towel bars are dirty is that this is one of the more unassuming areas of the bathroom and seldom receives a thorough cleaning or wipe-down.

Soap Dispenser

Soap dispensers are dirty for the same reason the faucet handles are dirty. People believe it’s clean because it’s the container housing the soap. However, the top part of the dispenser pump may be teeming with bacteria because we touch it with our dirty hands. A quick soapy rinse after use keeps the surface clean.

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