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July 11, 2022
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August 11, 2022
How to Prevent Your Appliances from Breaking Down in the Summer
July 11, 2022
How Do I Choose the Right Refrigerator Type for My Home?
August 11, 2022

Your home’s security is naturally a top priority for you and your family. You want to make sure your valuables and the safety of your family are adequately protected. Luckily, you have plenty of options when it comes to stylish and high-quality hardware for your front door. The following list gives an overview of the most common types of entry door locks and their main advantages and disadvantages.

A door knob lock

Door Knob Locks

These locks have a keyhole built into the doorknob. They can be locked from the outside with the key, or locked from the inside by turning a small lever. Door knob locks are by far the most common type of lock used on internal doors. They are simple and quick to use.

By themselves, though, they are generally seen as insufficient for an entry door lock. Door knob locks are notoriously easy to pick for experienced burglars, so it is a good idea to back them up with a second level of security. That’s why on external doors, these types of locks are almost always used in conjunction with deadbolts or sliding chain locks.

Smart Locks

An example of smart lock

Smart locks are becoming more and more popular as the technology improves and becomes more accessible. With this type of electronic lock, access to your front door is controlled by a digital keypad or sensor. You type in a code or swipe a card or key fob to unlock the door.

Electronic locks tend to be very secure and difficult to break into. One drawback is that you’ll need to give the code to guests or in-home service workers, so you’ll need to trust them not to share the entry code with anyone else or change it frequently. The touchpad is usually powered by a battery, so the lock becomes inoperable when the battery dies.

Fortunately, smart locks usually come with an app for your phone that can tell you when the battery is getting low. Furthermore, smart locks sometimes have motion-activated cameras, so you can be notified via the app whenever someone enters or leaves your home. This in itself is often a powerful deterrent to crime such as burglary and package theft.


 A deadbolt lock

The most common type of entry door lock, deadbolts are used either by themselves or in conjunction with door knob locks or lever locks. Deadbolts can either be single-cylinder or double-cylinder.

Single-cylinder deadbolts have a keyhole on the outside and a thumb turn on the inside. Double-cylinder deadbolts have keyholes on both the outside and inside. That means that when the deadbolt is locked, it must be unlocked with a key before anyone can leave.

This is very secure, though it presents a safety hazard in case of emergencies. For this reason, single-cylinder deadbolts are recommended in most cases, particularly if there are children in the home.

Lever Locks

A lever lock

Lever locks feature a keyhole and a lever that must be pushed down in order to open the door. Like door knob locks, lever locks are more commonly used on internal doors than entry door locks.

The main advantage of lever locks is that they are easier to open, so they make your home more accessible for people with disabilities. On the other hand, they are less secure because they are an easy target for torque attacks by potential burglars. They can be made much more secure, though less accessible when coupled with a deadbolt.

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What is the Most Secure Type of Door Lock?

The most secure type of door lock is a deadbolt. They are the most difficult to break into. This includes smart locks, which are deadbolts that can be opened and locked electronically.

As with most types of home fixtures, there is an extremely wide array of designs and finishes in door knobs and locks. For a home fixtures and hardware store in Lafayette, LA, contact the professionals at Facets of Lafayette. Our expertly trained staff can help you select the best entry door lock for your personal taste and security needs!