What exactly is Pendant Lighting?

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What exactly is Pendant Lighting?

Pendant lighting is an excellent choice for kitchen lighting! Simple, yet classy.

Pendant lights are a great option to spruce up any counter space, conference room, or even bed-side area. But what exactly is pendant lighting? Think of a pendant — a piece of jewelry that hangs from a chain.

A pendant light hangs down from the ceiling by a single cord and supports a single lighting fixture. Also known as hanging light fixtures, a pendant light is characterized by its ability to draw the eye to a specific area through a technique known as the “spotlight effect.” We’ve all seen the classy apartments from TV commercials that feature three pendant lights over the kitchen island.

Pendant Light Options

Pendant lighting brings a touch of modern to any space as well as a spark of elegance and class. There are so many options to consider when choosing pendant lighting that meets the vision you wish to convey in your home.

How big do you want the pendants to be? LED Pendants? Linear Pendants? Teardrop? Cylinder? And what about the style? Are you aiming for mid-century modern or more contemporary? Are you searching for industrial pendant lighting? Should the pendant be a naked bulb or feature a casing such as a lantern, drum, or cage? So many questions can lead to becoming overwhelmed, but finding the right pendant light can definitely be a simple task.

While aesthetics are great to consider when choosing lighting, it also comes down to purpose because with decorum comes functionality. Perhaps you’re a new business owner searching for ways to highlight the chic shoes you’re selling. Or maybe you’re the new owner of a house and you’re looking for the absolute best lighting for your kitchen that looks both stylish and high-class.

Pendant lights are such a great option for any space because they work well with most designs. Not only do pendant lights look great, but they also don’t take up counter space like lamps. And don’t count out outdoor lighting just yet because exterior light fixtures can also feature pendant lighting. An outdoor pendant light may be exactly what your patio or porch needs to transform into a relaxing lounge area. Whether you’re looking for a gentle way to upgrade your office or a flashy way to enhance your living room, there are so many great brands and options to consider when it comes to finding the perfect pendant light.

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