Remodeling your Farmhouse Kitchen? Consider Pendant Lighting!

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July 3, 2020
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Remodeling your Farmhouse Kitchen? Consider Pendant Lighting!

Modern farmhouse style is one of the most popular styles of home decor in this decade. With its wood accents, rustic design, and cozy aesthetic, incorporating this look into a kitchen remodel is quite appealing for many. In this remodel, considering a pendant light for this area will bring the focus point to where you want in within the space, while also providing light directed in the way that you need it. By being both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing, pendant lights can bring your vision of the perfect, rustic farmhouse kitchen design to life.

What is Pendant Lighting?

Pendant lighting refers to lighting structures that hang from the ceiling by a cord or chain of some kind. These can hang in groups of two of three lights or just as a single-bulb structure. The bulb is usually surrounded by a shade or covering that enhances the look of the lighting, as well as reducing the glare of one hanging bulb in a space. This type of lighting is also one that can be easily “D.I.Y.’d.”. One look on social media can tell you that making lighting or home decor your own is the latest trend! With the endless customization possibilities, pendant lighting within a farmhouse-styled kitchen is a no-brainer!

How Can Pendant Lighting Enhance my Remodel?

Within your farmhouse kitchen remodel, you are looking for warmth and natural textures to envelope your space. With this in mind, choosing the right type of pendant light for your kitchen is key. Luckily, pendant lights come in many different decorative styles, so you can focus on the functional aspect of the light instead of the look of the structure.

  • Task Lighting
  • Decorative Lighting
  • Ambient Lighting
  • Accent Lighting 

Generally, the type of light that you get should depend on how much natural light is already within that space. If your kitchen has plenty of natural light coming in through windows, you may not need a pendant light that illuminates the entire room. Rather, a pendant light that serves as task lighting for a specific area, such as your island or seating area, may be a better option. If this describes your kitchen, than choose a pendant light that hangs straight down into the area with an open bottom to bring as much direct light to those needed areas.

You can also use pendant lighting to make an impression in an already well lit kitchen without washing out that natural light. In this case, you would want to find a decorative fixture that might hang with a particular or interesting pattern or shadow. This will naturally bring your guests’ eyes upward, and is especially stunning in a kitchen with a higher ceiling.

If your kitchen does not have much natural lighting, a pendant light that brings light to the entire space, also known as ambient lighting, may be best suited for your remodel. This can be achieved by having multiple pendant lights throughout the space or multiple bulbs within one fixture to shine in the kitchen area.

You can also use pendant lights to highlight focal points in your farmhouse kitchen. If hung over your island or table, pendant lighting can accent the tones that you wish to highlight without having to add more of that tone in your space. In a farmhouse-styled area, the natural woods can overwhelm the space. But, if you add a pendant light to an area that has other colors or finishes, it can truly bring the look together.

Remodeling your kitchen into your farmhouse dream is achievable with so many pendant lighting options. The rustic nature of your kitchen will only be enhanced by the directed or ambient lighting that pendant lights can bring. While a hanging pendant light may seem like a swinging time bomb in a kitchen space, they can truly be used in a way that highlights the focal points in the room while providing functional lighting for you and all of your guests.

If you are looking for pendant lighting supplies or just need ideas for your kitchen remodel, stop by Facets of Lafayette. There are countless lighting displays for you to browse through and be inspired by! Ask our knowledgeable staff how pendant lights can bring light and happiness into your farmhouse kitchen today!

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