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So, you’ve purchased your first home. Congratulations on the huge achievement! Unfortunately, the “fun” doesn’t stop once you sign that contract and move in. A new home means new appliances, and new appliances means many choices to choose from. Luckily, Facets of Lafayette is a kitchen appliance store near you that has plenty of options for you to browse and choose from with the expertise and knowledge to help you along the way. With technology advancing everyday, these appliances can be used to make your life easier. Here are some of the most popular kitchen appliances that are vital and can make your life much easier in the kitchen:

Large Appliances

The larger appliances in your kitchen will carry a more hefty price tag than smaller appliances. However, you can consider them as investments, as these appliances should last you for many years to come. These appliances can also be used in more than one way, so you are getting your money’s worth out of them. To help make your money and appliances last, be sure to inquire about any warranties on your products, as those can prove to be invaluable should something happen to an appliance.

One of the major appliances you will need is a refrigerator. This essential appliance will keep your food and drinks cold and store all of your perishable goods. Most fridges come with either a freezer section on top or a full freezer panel on the right. Use this space to freeze meats, veggies, and other frozen items to preserve their freshness. With the latest technological advances, refrigerator’s today may have other features such as built-in ice makers, customizable temperature settings, WiFi connection capabilities, and many others.

Another large appliance you will need is a stove top/ range. This appliance is used to cook a majority of your meals as well as bake if your stove includes an oven. Stoves can either run on gas or electricity, depending on what you prefer and/or need. Also, the stove top can come in several different forms such as coil, induction, ceramic/glass, etc. Each of these types have their pros and cons, so make sure you do your research prior to purchasing. Visit kitchen appliance stores near you for more information.

A final large appliance you will need in your home is a freezer. This may come in the form of the side-by-side freezer connected to your fridge or a stand-alone freezer or deep freezer. Any of these options will work in the same way, preserving food and other items for future consumption. The main benefit to having a freezer is the ability to save food for longer periods of time, saving you money in the long run. 

Overall, these appliances can transform your kitchen and are absolutely worth the investment!

Smaller Appliances

As a new homeowner, there are several smaller appliances that are must-haves. Though these appliances may not be as big or as expensive as the larger appliances, they serve specific purposes that you may not realize you need until you need them!

  1. Coffee Maker: If you are a coffee lover, a coffee maker is a MUST! Whether it be a regular coffee pot, a Keurig-type brewer, or a fancy espresso machine, being able to brew the perfect cup of joe in your new home is a luxury unlike any other.
  2. Microwave: The microwave has so many technological advances available to the consumer. Gone are the days of boring and simple microwaves, and here are the days of Wi-Fi capable, customizable, and hands-free options for your microwave!
  3. Toaster/Toaster Oven: When you think of a toaster, you may only think of toast, but recent advances have allowed the toaster to become a multi-use appliances. With the prevalence of toaster ovens, you can now toast, bake, and even air-fry in some toaster oven brands. 
  4. Blender/Food Processor/Juicer: Usually, these three appliances are bundled into one, multi-use tool. From making smoothies, sauces, and soups to chopping, slicing, and juicing your favorite fruits and veggies, a quality blender/food processor can be an essential tool in your new kitchen.
  5. Instant Pot/Pressure Cooker/Slow Cooker: These types of table-top appliances can transform the way you plan and execute your meals. With the ability to plan ahead, and cook at a customizable time and temperature, you can free up your stove, your oven, and your time by setting these appliances and using your time for other needs, releasing the stress of cooking under a time crunch.

Appliances can truly transform your kitchen area in ways you may not even be aware of. If you have any questions about what kitchen appliances you will need as a new homeowner, stop by Facets of Lafayette for inspiration and input from the appliance professionals!

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