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How to Choose Lighting Fixtures for Your Home
April 15, 2019

Different Types of Kitchen Lighting

If you are in search of kitchen lighting for your home, you’ve probably already realized there are many options to choose from and we understand that it may be overwhelming at first. Kitchen lighting can be of course, functional, but it can also be a key piece of design that brings the look of your kitchen together. Recessed lights are mostly functional since they are flush with the ceiling, not having much of a decorative effect but can be perfect in a minimalist kitchen. Decorative pendant lighting fixtures can add flair and a focal point that brings the entire kitchen design together- with styles ranging from elegant or sleek to industrial pendant lighting, there is truly no limit to the level of style these lighting options can add to your space!

Other indoor hanging light fixtures include light drums, chandeliers, and even multiple pendant options with 3 to even 8 pendants in one lighting fixture. You can find pendant lighting in a vast variety of finishes including nickel, glass, and brass- The best way to find what finish will match with your kitchen is to look at the hardware in your kitchen, the knobs and handles, then decide if you want to match your kitchen hardware or if you want to mix and match finishes in a cohesive way. Another way to choose the perfect lighting for your home is to look at the style of your kitchen, is it simple and rustic? A modern farmhouse lighting fixture may work perfectly in your space! Is your style more minimalistic and masculine? Industrial pendant lighting may be the perfect option for your kitchen.

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