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Electricity is one of those wonderful luxuries we take for granted until it’s taken away from us. We too easily lose sight of the power of lighting and how beneficial it is to our everyday lives. Our nonchalant attitudes towards lighting and the powerful impact it has on our society is something marketing experts bank on. 

The decision to buy, particularly in retail environments, is often more influenced by emotional aspects than functional aspects. Lighting has become an essential form of marketing communication and company branding identity. When used properly, lighting can positively influence consumer behavior. Lighting and branding work together to create a certain perception in your consumer’s mind. Branding is no longer simply a color scheme and a logo. We are perceptual beings and what we see influences our emotions and intentions. Lighting alone will reinforce a customer’s experience – be it good or bad. 

Next time you walk through a store, take a look around at the lighting and see how it resonates with that company’s overall brand. Every detail is designed to create a particular atmosphere – on purpose! Think of Walmart for example, their lighting is cheap and low quality which directly corresponds with their branding – Lowest Prices. They do not need spotlight lighting on products to push the lowest price. Low quality lighting creates an atmosphere of cheaper prices. Think about if you were to walk into a higher end grocery store and they had the same lighting… it would be hard to justify paying nearly double the price for a potato. On the other end of the spectrum, consider your high end name brand outlets. You will find dimmer lighting in walkways with spotlights or back lights behind products to draw you in and highlight their quality. They are using the physical aspect of lighting to create an overall feel and direction for your retail experience. 

Set a Goal with Your Lighting

When setting up a new store, consider the objective and environment you want to create. Get a clear understanding of your consumer and cater to the thought patterns they will go through as they navigate the solutions your products or services offer. Are you a restaurant that wants to invite your customer to sit and stay a while? If so, a dimmer lighting setting will create a more romantic setting to accomplish that goal. Are you limited on space? Consider cool lighting colors that can make a room appear larger. Create the desired environment for your brand with lighting, don’t let it be an afterthought. The proper lighting can increase sales and improve the overall experience for your customers, which will create residual income. Visit competitors and play with different lighting styles. Don’t be afraid to mix and match either! Use lighting as a guide to lead your customers through certain paths throughout the store. 

Facets of Lafayette has custom designers that are experienced in both commercial and home lighting. We would be happy to sit down with you and navigate through some recommended options to create just the atmosphere you desire.

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