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Accessibility in the Home: Door and Cabinet Hardware Options for Everyone
January 22, 2024
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February 29, 2024
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How to Organize Your Fridge for Maximum Freshness

In the buzzing hub of the modern-day kitchen, the refrigerator is arguably the most essential appliance. Unfortunately, amidst our fast-paced lives, it is easy for even the best of us to let it become a nightmare of rotten food and forgotten leftovers!

An organized fridge is crucial for fresh food, meal planning, and reducing your waste and grocery bills. Developing an organizational plan that aims to maximize the freshness of your food will save you time, reduce time spent looking, and save you money on grocery purchases.

Let’s go over some easy and practical ways to utilize your fridge space.  

Clean Out the Old

To get started, you must check and discard all old and expired food in your fridge. This will also allow you to free up space and start with a fresh foundation on your journey to efficient organization. Take time to take inventory, check expiration dates, and inspect for spoiled items.

These checks should be done weekly to maintain freshness and prevent the spread of bacteria and foodborne illnesses. Make sure to pay attention to items hidden in the back and behind larger containers.

Discard expired items in the trash or compost. Doing this organization routine regularly will ensure a cleaner, more organized fridge and longer food freshness. 

Zone Your Fridge

Did you know your refrigerator has varying zones of temperature? To maximize freshness, it’s essential to understand the different temperature zones in your fridge.

Place items that need to stay the coldest, like dairy and raw meat, on the bottom shelves where the temperature is the lowest. To keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer, store them in the crisper drawers. Utilize the door shelves for condiments and beverages, as they experience the most temperature fluctuations.  

Use Clear Containers

Clear storage containers are your best friend when it comes to fridge organization. Not only do they maximize space, but they also allow you to see what’s inside without rummaging through the fridge. Use them to store leftovers, pre-cut fruits and vegetables, or even organize snacks for quick and easy access. 

Develop a Regular Rotation 

Creating a rotation system guarantees that older goods get used before newer ones, lowering the possibility of neglected and rotten food. When unloading groceries, place older products at the front and newer items in the back.

We are visual creatures, so placing foods likely to go bad soon in your immediate view will help you grab them first. This simple approach helps to cut down on food waste and keep your fridge organized.

Condiment and Sauce Management 

The door shelves are the ideal spot for storing condiments and sauces, but it’s easy for them to accumulate and take up valuable space.

Regularly check for expired or rarely used items and discard them to free up room for essentials. Consider using organizers or bins to maximize door storage and keep things neat. 

Maximize Door Storage  

While the food shelves are convenient for storing frequently used items, avoid storing perishable items like dairy or eggs here. Instead, save them for sauces, jams, and beverages. Doing this will help to maintain steady temperatures for perishable foods while ensuring their freshness.  

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A well-organized refrigerator is the most effective approach to maximize freshness and minimize waste. Follow these easy yet practical ways to transform your refrigerator into a refuge of freshness and efficiency: Roll up your sleeves and organize your refrigerator.

Your taste buds, wallet, and the environment will thank you! If you’re looking for new kitchen appliances to help you organize your fridge, check out our selection of high-quality appliances at Facets of Lafayette.