Delta Shower Heads: Upgrade your Showering Experience

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Delta Shower Heads: Upgrade your Showering Experience

The bathroom’s appearance is constantly changing and consistent renovation is always underway. It seems that every year, with trends on the rise, a new bathroom accessory undergoes an upgrade and the shower head is definitely no exception! A trusted brand that delivers a comforting, notable showering experience is Delta and their shower heads are undeniably a game-changer. There are so many unique differences that set the Delta shower head apart from its competition.

Why Choose Delta Shower Heads?

Delta’s brand is based on sturdiness and quality. The shower head is lightweight, but thrives on being exceptionally durable and reliable. The large surface area is a practical feature because it allows for a steady stream of water at all times. A major plus to Delta shower heads is the variety of water settings offered depending on the experience sought after. A common setting is the ‘pause’ feature which slows down the water flow without completely turning the water off, allowing for water conservation. Delta shower heads are also super easy to clean, and wiping away calcium and lime build-up is effortless. The installation is a breeze and they can also be fun to use, especially during bath-time for our furry companions. Washing dogs or cats with a Delta shower head makes life so much easier because of its portability and detachability. Delta shower heads are notorious for their beautiful chrome finish, but are also offered in a  variety of colors including Bronze. All in all, Delta shower heads offer convenience, functionality, and an aesthetically pleasing addition to any bathroom space!

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If you’re looking to upgrade your showering experience, come check out our plumbing appliance showroom!

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