Dos and Don’ts When Cleaning Your Light Fixtures

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March 15, 2023
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Dos and Don’ts When Cleaning Your Light Fixtures

Are you a homeowner who has noticed that your light fixtures have gotten grimy and tarnished? Cleaning your light fixtures can be easy. But not just any cleaning product or technique will do. To help you keep your home shining brightly, we’ve compiled a list of dos and don’ts when it comes to keeping your light fixtures looking their best. Read on!

DO turn off or unplug the light fixture before cleaning

It cannot be stressed enough how crucial it is to turn off or unplug a light fixture and allow 30 minutes for the bulbs to cool off before starting any cleaning activities. This essential safety measure will protect you from potential electric shocks and prevent accidents that may lead to burns or other injuries. Additionally, disconnecting the light from its power source protects the internal electrical components from potential damage caused by the ingress of water or cleaning solutions.

DON’T use harsh chemical products

Be mindful of the cleaning products you use, especially when it comes to light fixtures. The use of harsh chemical products to clean light fixtures can have adverse effects not only on the fixtures themselves but also on the environment and the health of the occupants within the space.

Many chemical cleaners contain abrasive materials, particularly calcium carbonate, which can strip away protective coatings, dull finishes, or even cause irreparable damage to the intricate details of light fixtures. Instead, you can make your own cleaner using ¼ cup of vinegar or a few drops of mild dish soap, added to a few cups of water.

DO dust off any debris or dirt on the fixture with a duster or a microfiber cloth

Dust and airborne particles can combine with cleaning solutions, diminishing their potency and, in turn, compromising the overall cleanliness of the fixture. By taking the time to thoroughly dust and remove debris, you not only prolong the lifespan of your fixtures but also guarantee a spotless, polished finish that will leave your space looking refreshed and revitalized.

DON’T spray cleaning solutions directly onto the fixture

Applying cleaning products directly onto the light fixtures can cause malfunctions or corrosion. We recommend spraying the solution onto a clean cloth or sponge and gently wiping the fixture, ensuring an evenly spread application.

DO check for loose connections and replace any bulbs that have burned out

Pay close attention to loose connections and burned-out bulbs when cleaning your fixtures. Loose connections can hinder the smooth transfer of electricity, causing your light fixtures to flicker or even malfunction. Promptly replacing burned-out bulbs also helps to maintain balanced and adequate illumination throughout your living spaces.

DON’T forget to put on safety glasses while cleaning

Safety glasses serve as a barrier between our delicate eyes and any hazardous shards or debris that may be encountered during the cleaning process. As the age-old saying goes, “better safe than sorry,” and investing in a pair of safety glasses will be a small price to pay in the long run for peace of mind when cleaning your light fixtures.

Cleaning your light fixtures is a simple task that should be done regularly to maximize their performance and longevity. Always use caution when cleaning and handling your light fixtures, and keep in mind the recommended cleaning tips above.

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