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September 12, 2023
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Avoid Buyer’s Remorse: Decide What You Really Need Before Buying Appliances
September 12, 2023
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October 17, 2023

Delta is known worldwide for the high quality and attractive appearance of their plumbing fixtures. Their faucets for bathroom sinks are no exception. Because Delta has so many fantastic options, it can be hard to choose the best faucet for your home’s bathroom remodel.

At Facets of Lafayette, we want to ensure that you make the right choice when it comes to your bathroom needs. Here are some options for the highest-rated Delta faucets to help you feel confident when choosing a fixture that is right for you.

Delta Lahara

This faucet carries Delta’s WaterSense certification, so it uses 20% less water than comparable models sold by competitors. At the same time, it boasts powerful performance, with Delta’s DIAMOND Seal Technology helping to ensure that the faucet maintains its finish and functionality for years to come. The sleek, curved construction is a perfect fit for distinctive tastes.

Delta offers this faucet in four configurations: two-handle centerset, two handle tract-pack centerset, two-handle widespread, and single-handle with modern touch technology.

Choose from up to four standard finishes depending on your configuration: champagne bronze, chrome, stainless, and Venetian bronze. The four models vary in price, which means you should be able to find an attractive option that fits your budget.

Homes with a more traditional design may be better suited to a more classic look, as Lahara is very modern. Low maintenance is not a priority with this model, so you may want to choose a simpler design if you are looking for way to save time on bathroom cleaning tasks.

Delta Saylor

Saylor is one of the highest-rated Delta faucets on the market, with a near five-star average rating from satisfied customers for all configurations of the model.

Saylor’s sturdy look seamlessly blends the traditional with the modern to match a variety of bathroom styles. As if these features weren’t enticing enough, the faucet also offers water-saving features and Delta’s DIAMOND Seal Technology.

This durable faucet is offered in four standard finishes—champagne bronze, matte black, chrome, and stainless—as well as an impressive eight single- and two-handle configurations.

The range of models and price points means that there is a Saylor style for practically every homeowner. Saylor is similar to Lahara, but it is slightly more curved and refined in its design.

While traditional and modern homes can both find a place for this faucet, it may be better suited to bathrooms with simpler designs overall.

Delta Haywood

The Delta Haywood is a shiny faucet designed with ease of use in mind. This faucet is another WaterSense option that can help you save on your water bills. Delta also claims that this long-lasting, durable model won’t suffer from leaks that may affect similar faucets from competitors.

Haywood is offered in three configurations: one single-handle centerset, one two-handle widespread, and one two-handle centerset.

Your choice of finishes for each configuration includes Venetian bronze, chrome, and stainless. The price range is on the lower end for Haywood, making it a great budget choice that doesn’t sacrifice style.

This faucet may be best suited to more modern homes, as its curved and somewhat sturdy appearance is more contemporary. It also may not be the best choice for those who prefer a fancier design.

Delta Trillian

For an upscale contemporary look, consider Delta’s Trillian faucet. Trillian’s unique geometric look adds sleek elegance to your modern space. This highly-rated premium faucet also offers water-saving benefits as well as long-lasting style and usability.

Trillian is offered in four Lumicoat chrome finishes for a unique appearance. Your choices are black stainless, polished nickel, chrome, and stainless. There are seven options in single- and two-handle designs, so you can make sure you are choosing the right look for your space.

The wall-mounted two-handle configurations allow you to add an even more distinctive finishing touch to your bathroom. These faucets range in price from the low-medium side to the very high end, so homeowners across all budgets have something to choose from.

These Delta faucets are very edgy or even experimental. If your space is more traditional or calls for a basic design, this may not be the model for you.

Delta Stryke

For a faucet that lives up to its name, choose this striking option. It adds an interesting geometric look to your bathroom and is especially appealing for those who like their bathrooms to stand out from the crowd.

There are numerous Stryke configurations to choose from—over 100 in total. Each option has different finishes to choose from so you can color coordinate your room. The price range for this series is on the higher end of the scale, and the design of each configuration is ergonomic for ease of use.

Stryke may be too utilitarian for some more traditional or softer-looking bathrooms. If you are looking for a subtle or classic design, this may not be the option for you. Stryke also doesn’t have as many modern features as some of the other options on this list.

Depending on the style of your bathroom and your preferences, any of these five Delta faucets could be the right choice for your home. Delta is known for making high-quality, stylish faucets that add elegance and functionality to any bathroom.

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Be sure to stop by Facets of Lafayette to see our beautiful Delta faucet collection in person! Our knowledgeable staff can help you select the perfect faucet and other plumbing fixtures for your home improvement project.

We carry a wide selection of Delta products as well as faucets and fixtures from other top brands. Book an appointment with us today if you have any questions about these products or want to learn more about the plumbing fixtures we carry!