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Tile is art and options are only limited by your imagination! Tile shopping is typically an enjoyable stage of the remodeling process because you can get creative and have some fun. It can be a bit overwhelming if you are not sure what you are looking for. There are many different tile options such as: mosaics, marble, porcelain, cement, granite, limestone & more. Where you plan to utilize the tile will be a good indicator for the type of tile you need. If in doubt, we have a specialized custom design team happy to guide you along the way. Below is a brief breakdown that can help you get started.

Planned Tile Usage Our Suggestion Why
Flooring Porcelain & Glazed Ceramics.  These are the best tile flooring options for durability. They will hold up great with heavy traffic areas and are easy to maintain. Porcelain does best with higher traffic areas as they are resistant against chipping and scratching.
Walls Ceramic, Porcelain, Stone The most popular tile for walls are ceramics. Natural stones are a good option too but will require professional installation due to their weight.
Counter Tops Quartz, granite, ceramic, Mosaic and porcelain Ceramic is low maintenance and easy to install and repair, granite hides dirt and fingerprints and is strong and long lasting, Mosaic allows for fun custom designs and unique patterns, and quartz looks similar to granite but is slightly less expensive. Porcelain is a win in just about every category.
Back Splash Porcelain, Mosaic Easy to clean and typically stain resistant, comes in a variety of colors and styles. 
Outdoor Porcelain Porcelain slab tops are heat and frost tolerant so are great options for outdoor kitchens. Low maintenance, water has no effect on it and stain resistant! Will not discolor in prolonged sunlight.
Table Tops Ceramic, Mosaic,  The small pieces of mosaic’s make for fun, colorful designs, ceramics are easy maintenance and great for DIY projects
FirePlace Porcelain, stone, ceramic  Again, porcelain for the win here. Porcelain is very heat resistant and would be the best tile option for a fireplace. Stones and certain ceramics will work also.

Whether you’re interested in a simple subway tile design for your shower or a fun backsplash tile design to go with your outdoor kitchen, our Facets team and beautiful showroom can help guide you through this process and bring your visions to life.

Tile is a great option for outdoors too; it not only allows for easy clean up but keeps safe from weather and can compliment your style and design choices for your outdoor kitchen – down to your outdoor light fixtures and kitchen appliances.

Contact us to make an appointment with our showroom consultants or simply stop by at 3201 Ambassador Caffery.

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